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Public communication is very important when in a discussion with coworkers and such. The one weakness that some people run into is silence. The spiral of silence theory by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann explains why certain people fall under the pressure and seclude to silence. Silence may not always be a bad thing, but according to a study by Lucy J. MacGregor, the fact is that silence during a speech or conversation is absolutely bad. With this, silence while talking to a large group negatively affects the listeners in a way in which some words in the speech will not be remembered. The point is that silence tends to destroy people’s speeches. Words are forgotten in the speech; Loss of the attention by the listeners happens and the listeners noticing that the speaker is just trying to delay the speech. As novelist Margaret Atwood has once said “A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human speech as possible. Powerlessness and silence go together.”
The Spiral of Silence theory describes when and how people decide to tell the truth about the certain topic or if they decide to not speak at all. The breaking point is whether the speaker is willing to voice his own opinion against the media’s or interpersonal opinions. In Frances Bowen’s essay, figure one is a huge help to describe the whole thought process of the spiral of silence. We have to take into effect the environment that the speaker grew up in and the current environment that they live in. The environments can majorly affect the speaker because if they were taught that something was wrong then they are more than likely not going to speak up about that certain topic. Another key idea is whether or not the speaker will have the people’s support with a certain idea. Most of the time, people do not speak up against an idea because they do not believe that they will have support about the certain topic. In every high school, there are the jocks, the band, the nerds, the people on drugs, the religious and so on and so forth. Some of these groups were known as the popular group and some were known as the creeps. These names that are given to the groups still happen in everyday life when you are older and this also affects whether or not the person will speak up about a certain topic. When certain groups have to keep secrets from other groups for safety reasons, this does not help the silence situation at all. The fact that groups are keeping secrets from others means that they do not trust anyone else which forces groups into silence and they cannot voice their opinion anymore. The Spiral of Silence has a key voice in the workplace, which involves the use of presentations. One thing affected by the listener not wanting to support the speaker is the fact of whether or not the listener is actually paying attention (Denham-Vaughan 7). It has been said that listeners are more than likely to lose their attention when there is a break in the speech by the...

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