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Has anyone ever wanted to travel to Mars, or even just visit space to see Earth from above? Those things and a vast variety of other things are possible through the development of new technologies that carry the human race through time and make space exploration possible. “The whole idea of getting to know space and its secrets and how it can benefit mankind is what space exploration is all about” (“Space Exploration” 1). Throughout time, the human race has been very curious about learning more in depth about the unknown, from the first discovery of fire, to the new views on life, to space and sea exploration. In the present age space exploration has become a top priority in understanding ...view middle of the document...

Over the past fifty years, eighteen astronauts have been killed in space, at least ten have been killed during training, and there have been four in-flight accidents, where the entire crew was killed. “Space exploration could invite some dangerous microorganisms that may exist in space” (“Space Exploration A Waste” 2). Even with the negative effects, the human race still has the obligation to push forward, through the thick and the thin.
Throughout centuries the will of people to be educated and pursue space exploration has forged a fire of new ideas and speculations. As President John F. Kennedy once said in 1962, “the U.S. was not built by those who waited and rested and wished to look behind them. This country was conquered by those who move forward, and so will space” (“Space Exploration” 1). Every person wants to be the best, and every person will strive to be just that, and to educate themselves better than the person next to them, so that they can persevere. “Most of us want to be, both as individuals and as societies, the first or the best in some activity” (“The Real Reason We Explore” 1). Through curiosity and proper training, young people around the world are becoming more involved in science, mathematics, and engineering to join the vast adventure that space offers. Each person has the will and interest to pursue space exploration, as long as they acquire the education. New ideas and information about space is found each day, and that is what draws in young people to pursue the career, and motivates them to push forward.
Space exploration all around the world has benefited the way everyone lives today. ”Now that we have a better understanding of our Earth and what we’re doing wrong, we are beginning to develop new technology (smart cars, alternative energy, etc) that is actually good for our planet” (“Space Exploration” 2). Through all these different technologies and ideas, countries can begin to fix the damage that the human race has caused, and begin to repair the Earth. “There are also many benefits: the jobs it provides; the medical discoveries coming from NASA; all of the new technology and innovations; and, perhaps the most important of all, a greater understanding of the Earth as well as everything about it” (“Space Exploration” 3). It is inconceivable that the governments of countries fail to recognize the benefits that space exploration brings to the planet, and that the government can limit the education that people would need to pursue space exploration, and it is necessary for the development of a stronger, more educated, and a more competitive nation. The longer space exploration is pursued, the longer Earth will be repaired and prosper.
As the twenty-first century has advanced more and more every year, the whole world nearly relies on technology entirely, and the human race depends on it. With the loss of technology, comes the loss of basic needs that people require everyday. As long as better and new technology...

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