Southwest Texas State University Parking Control Memorandum

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Southwest Texas State University Parking Control Memorandum

Over the past few years, the parking control office has been expanded and made more efficient by the addition of computers and the implementation of new filing procedures. Unfortunately, the department is still not providing the services it is capable of. This is due to the fact that the parking control office is under staffed in respect to counter attendants. This lack of sufficient people to work the front counter causes the process of appealing and paying parking tickets to become extremely bogged down. This proposal provides a cost effective solution to the problem that will not only help parking control, but will also benefit anyone doing business with the office.


The parking control office is currently operating with thirteen full time employees and approximately ten part-time student assistants. Of these twenty-three people, only two are able to work the counter where tickets are paid and appeals are made. With the increasing number of students and visitors on campus, more traffic is coming through the parking control office. There is often a long wait in line, which eventually leads to hostile attitudes from the customers. These problems only slow the process down even futher. This increasingly slow process is beginning to cause time related problems on part of the students, visitors and the staff of the parking control office.

Over the past few years, the number of students attending Southwest Texas State University has increased greatly. When the number of students increase, so does the number of campus visitors, whether they be parents, grandparents or friends. This increase in attendance has caused an increase in the amount of business done in the parking control on a daily basis. With more students on campus and more tickets are being issued, it is becoming more difficult for the two current desk workers to keep up with the enlarging quantity of people in the parking control office.

With only two people able to work the counter, the parking control office is being forced to stay open late every day of the week. These extra few hours seldom provide enough time to finish all the transactions for the day. On many days, lines of people are turned away because the doors must be closed at 6:00p.m. For many students and visitors, this can be a large inconvenience. Many of them are unable to get back to transact business
S. Prentice -2- June 25, 1997

the next day due to prior engagements or class schedules, while visitors may be leaving town and not returning for several months. Staying late also proves to be costly for the parking control department. Over-time must be paid not only to the two counter workers, but to also to the other three members of the office staff who are required to stay...

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