Some Areas Of Knowledge Are Invented, Some Discovered

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Humans, as a society, are surrounded by the areas of knowledge which surrounds society and develop intelligence. Invention is a result of human intelligence but discovery is unleashing what already exists. Areas of knowledge consist of many ideas. These areas are either invented or discovered. Invention and discovery formulate the different areas of knowledge. Discovered areas of knowledge include science, history and mathematics. Invented area of knowledge is the arts.
Discovery proves the existence of some areas of knowledge. Discovery refers to unearthing and reasoning something. To discover means; “gain sight or knowledge previously unseen” This therefore explains why it tends to be unseen then therefore it’s revealed. It includes a process of unraveling information from the past or existing making it concrete. Discovery is to bring something into a light. Discovery includes nature because it exists and was brought into light. This includes science and history because was unearthed and put on paper.
To Invent is to fabricate or create from the mind. Fabricated area of knowledge is the arts. This area of knowledge is invented because the arts are crated from a personal view and truth of the creator. Invention also shows how it mentally fabricated and can be subjective. Invention can be as abstract and creative as art.Invention shows one owns truth and artificial. art is a unique object produced through the process of imagination and experience.
Natural science is a discovered area of knowledge. Natural science is discovered due to the fact that it’s not created and has always existed. Natural science and its laws existed with the dawn of time. It does not need the dependence of humanity. Humanity did not invent it, what humanity did was only try to understand the ideas and give them shape and characteristics. Humankind tries to capture the ideas by using equations and proven fact to understand and comprehend these unseen natural laws. Natural science refers to Physics and biology. Physics and biology are part of natural science because they are nature. Natural science is discovered because it exists with or without humans. An example of how natural science is discovered is the story of Newton. Newton was sitting under his tree and the effect of gravity and inertia hit him, literally on the head. Newton then explored the idea how that apple came to come down and through exploration and experimentation and he discovered the laws. This was discovered because gravity and inertia were unseen then brought into laws. This was due to the knowledge of natural science and realization of how it came to be. Natural science areas, such as biology and physics, are discovered because it shows and explains the works of nature and the environment around the individual. Science cannot be changed or invented
because it is based on theorems and formulas that are gathered and put in to create the laws of it. This shows that natural science is discovered....

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