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SocializationSocialization is the process in which an individual person learns the way of life of his/her society through things that have an influence on their decision making. As a lifelong process that occurs in every person's stages in life starting from the day of birth, socialization takes place in many social settings such as family, school, peer groups, media, religion, and the workplace (Macionis 2011:70). Sociologists believe that most human behavior is a learned response and not instinctual. People have to learn to rely and cooperate with others to satisfy their basic needs. This is possible through behavioral patterns and a system of communication shared by members of a culture. Through the process of socialization, a human being is taught the necessary skills demanded for living in the society as well as internalize the norms and values of society (Macionis 2011:70). The individual will then be able to develop the sense of self. In addition, we will be aware of our place in society and develop a distinct entity apart from other people and things.In the film, "Consuming Kids," children are constantly influenced by marketing techniques used in the media (Barbaro and Earp ). Young children are maturing much quicker than a decade ago. This is due to the advertisements in the media that translate to children becoming more aware of how other people think about them (Barbaro and Earp ). Children are being told to act a certain way within our society. A lot of media exposure may in fact change the way how the brain develops. During the first two years of a person's life, the brain is rapidly developing. The more television infants watch, the greater the chance they will have trouble paying attention in their early years. Heavy television watching can hurt a child's ability to learn (Barbaro and Earp ).The consequences of mass advertising are visible in the physical and emotional aspect of a child as they participate less in being active and creative play. They are more often hooked in front of television screens (Macionis 2011:78 ). But at the same time, children are constantly pulling information whenever they watch television, and are easily influenced and learn most of their actions from their role models. The most valuable thing a child can have is their own imagination. Advertising today strips kids of their creativity (Barbaro and Earp ). In the past, when a child plays with a toy, they would inspect it and figure out how to play with it. However, today, kids are told how to play with a toy rather than figuring it out themselves (Barbaro and Earp ). Some parents today use the television as babysitters rather than having their children running around. Growing up, I had the opportunity to go out and play with other kids in the neighborhood. We were able to ride our bikes and play sports and spend less time watching television. Therefore, it is important to provide children with opportunities to be active and go out and play rather than...

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