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Seventy-Three Percent of the world depends on social media on and off the job (Richardson). Some Government, Universities, and Employers are now turning over to social networking sites to get to know their citizens, students, and employees. When being asked to turn over their usernames and passwords, officials are protecting proprietary information and preventing others from being exposed to legal liabilities, but others consider it an invasion of privacy. In today's society, government, universities, and employers should be allowed to grant access to social networking sites because there are many things one can do outside of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Emails.
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The application process for public and private universities is not merely on pen and paper. Although universities use virtual tours and depend on social media, it is very appropriate Universities offer it because of those students who are unable to travel to colleges and admission officers. Colleges and Universities should pay more attention to their upcoming high school and universal transfers. Even though, there are local preview days universities offer, that is not enough information about the students. According to New York Times, A teenage, high school student who attended an the information session at Bowdoin last year used Twitter to criticize other students at a session and was later denied admission to the college (NSL). As a student point of view, many applicants must use precaution about how much information they divulge online. "Other people can be able to access information you put out there, it is a reality in the world that we live in now"(Cooper). Approximately Twenty-Three Percent of admission officers have already accessed social media accounts (Richmond). National Conference of States Legislatures states, "Such legislation has been introduced or is pending in at least 26 states"(Harden). Many of the Bills addressed social media privacy in Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Maine.
Personal one on one interviews seems to be enough information a potential applicant can gain information from an interviewing upcoming employee. Since September 2013, NCSL has stateed that Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, passed a bill that requires a request of personal social media account information (Greenburg). California, Mississippi, and Florida prohibit requiring or requesting an employee to disclose the username and password (Greenburg). A Floridian thought otherwise, "Civil actions or violations should not be discriminated from a job" (Bradd). On the other hand, all jobs require background checks and that some employers...

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