Should Culture And Arts Be Funded If They Are Not Profitable? Find Examples Of Arts And Culture To Demonstrate Your Case

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Question: Should culture and arts be funded if they are not profitable? Find examples of arts and culture to demonstrate your caseIntroduction: Culture and the ArtsEdward Tylor describes culture in the mix of "knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society" (Tylor 1889). It is well appropriate way of referring to our current diverse communities from which the many existing cultures are deriving from. Hence, culture can be regarded as the representation or a mark of identity for these individual communities.The portrayal of cultures can long be seen in different forms of Arts. Arts not only serve to convey and communicate cultural ideas and realities, they also stand as the expression of voices and power from minorities and movement groups. An example of cultural expression would be the baroque influence era in the 17th century where architecture, dance, music and any forms of art depict the heavy domineering power and influence of the Roman Catholic, which is spread widely across in most Europe nations.However, as the world starts to progress and leap into economically driven society, the arts community struggle with the artists trying hard to fight a constant battle between the need to stay true towards their artistic expression and the need to be commercially successful in order to sustain themselves. As mention by Craik, "The cultural sector has been encouraged to see itself more as an industry than a creative pursuit, and to maximize revenue-generating activities". (Craik 1996) This creates a problem where sometimes the creative and artistic value for the art has to be compromised to the agenda of the partnering bodies in order to receive sufficient funding and support to accomplish the artwork. It is also often very challenging to encourage private firms to buy the idea of sponsoring the local arts and culture where there is no financial advantage for them. There are also the individual patronages that are willing to pay tickets to watch art films or visit the galleries but even so, this support alone is not enough without having the artists to give concession towards their work, which at the same time limit their capacity to develop new works.Rise in Funds being cut to make way for economic growthIn recent years, we see the increase in art funds being cut to support the downturn of a nation's growth in current economically driven society. Museums and art organization in England is one of the many that will face dramatic budget cut in the coming years. The Guardian reports 1% cut in 2013/14 of 3.9million pounds and a further 2% cut of 7.7 million pounds in 2014/15 towards the budget cut. Follow by BBC, also report that Newcastle City Council announces that it will remove all funding to art venues to reduce the Nation's expenditure. That will include shutting down of 10 libraries in the span of 3 years and also raising the cost of entry tickets to museums. It is no...

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