Schools Are For Learning, Not Fashion

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I thought school was for learning; not for a fashion show. A dress code should be required in all public schools to promote better student behavior, decrease costs to parents and increase school safety by eliminating gang-related clothing. A uniform dress code would curve discipline problems and distractions while improving overall student behavior.
By requiring students to adhere to a dress code, learning will be enhanced. For this purpose, a dress code will implement discipline toward learning. Uniforms improve a student’s attitude toward achievement. Mark Mathabane suggests, “Many students seem to pay more attention to what’s on their bodies than in their minds” (p 203). For this reason, a dress code would promote fewer distractions for the students. Students typically act the way they are dressed as made evident by Mark Mathane, “frequently disrupted by other students ogling themselves in mirrors, painting their fingernails, combing their hair, shining their gigantic shoes, or comparing designer labels on jackets, caps, and jewelry” (p 204).
While our economy struggles with a declining job market, a dress code could alleviate a large portion of the parent’s financial burden for school shopping; uniforms are actually more affordable. There are fewer clothes to purchase because students will be dressed in like attire. There is no rivalry between friends to outdo one another. Mark Mathabane remembers a time when his sisters were made fun of, “They were constantly taunted for their homely outfits” (p 203). There are ways to help the middle class and low-income families with the cost. With support from corporations,...

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