School Segregation Now And Then Essay

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“I have a dream!” Martin Luther King once said. He dreamed of a complete desegregated USA and the same chances for everybody where all men are created equal no matter of race or religious background. Schools were a big issue in the 1960s, many black children did not finish high school to help their parents and those who did could often not afford to go to college. Compared to the white schools, the black schools had a massive lack of equipment and the teachers got paid a lot less. Even though many things have changed since then, there is still segregation left in parts of the U.S., especially in schools.
While the first schools for African Americans were already established in the 1850s it ...view middle of the document...

The staff of black schools was underpaid and since it was very hard to go to college there were not always available teachers to find.
About 50 years had to go by until it came to the next major change of the segregation. In 1954 the court case Brown v Board of Education of Topeka was handed down. It was the result of half of a century of struggle under separate and unequal and made any parts of segregation illegal, but soon enough a new problem came up, what exactly is desegregation. Not only on the white side where people still, even after Brown, tried to limit the rights of blacks and especially black students, but also on the African American side where people did not exactly know what they wanted. Was it desegregation, integration or just the equal educational opportunity? And besides that how can one proof a school is desegregated or not. Is it defined by the percentage of colored and white students or the number of graduates of minority race students? There were many different definitions and assumptions of the word desegregation and still today it is not 100 percent clarified.
When Brown v Board of Education came up in the beginning of the new civil rights movement in 1954 it gave people hope. Brown ruled that the school segregation was not constitutional after the 14th amendment of 1886 and the right of liberty guaranteed through the 5th amendment (Hendrie, 1999). Blacks assumed that once the school system would be desegregated everything else would fall in its place. It looked like it would work out but not for long and people realized they had not reached their goals yet. Even though it was legal for black students to attend white schools it was very rare because of extreme racial discrimination by students and teachers, “the Supreme Court possessed no magic wand to wave […] [the obstacles] away.” (Hendrie, 1999) In a very few areas a black and a white school were put into one big school which worked out better but it often came to fights on the hallway between the races. This went on a long time and nobody knew what to do or did not even look for a solution.
The once who were hoping for a historical change after Brown, were massively disappointed. The school system did not change a bit and public buildings were still segregated.
The problem of segregated schools is still a problem today that one can argue. As an example in Cleveland, Mississippi there are three types of schools, the schools on the eastside are almost completely attended by black students, the once on the west are mainly white, one school which was founded 1906 now reached an...

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