Saudi Arabia: A Game Of Thrones Essay

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SAUDI ARABIA: A GAME OF THRONESA paper on the policies of the royal house of Saudi Arabia in the midst of their struggle for survival.IndexIntroduction…………………………………………………………….………3Chapter one: The establishment of the Saudi Kingdom…..............................5Chapter two: Wahhabism, state religion versus terrorism………………….7Chapter 3: Counter measures…………………………………………..……10Chapter 4: The house of Saud……………………………..…………………12Conclusion……………………………………………..………………………14Bibliography………………………………………...…………………………16IntroductionFor the last couple of decades the Middle East reached the headlines of many newspapers on a frequent basis. Especially since the beginning of the regime toppling, popular uprisings in 2011, Saudi Arabia, seems to be one of the more quiet and stabile countries in the region. Saudi Arabia is a country of nearly thirty million people; sitting on twenty percent of the world's oil reserves with revenues of well over 100 billion dollars in 2011 and first and foremost housing the two holiest sites in Islam. Socially, politically, economically and culturally Saudi Arabia cannot be ignored as presently a key player in the region; a key- player that is about to make some interesting moves. In the course of two and a half centuries and continuously since 1932, Saudi Arabia has been ruled by the house of Saud. Even though no coop or revolt has been committed in Saudi Arabia thus far and all appears to be quiet, the dynamics of the country have shifted over the past couple of years and with these changes, the house of Saud must make changes for itself as well. While the rest of the region lies in turmoil since the uprisings of 2011; security provided by the United States to her Middle Eastern allies seems less certain after the fall of Mubarak in Egypt; and Europe seems to be in an economic slump, the house of Saud has also reached a certain crossroad. Ever since the house of Saud started to aim at absolute power over the peninsula, it has derived the legitimacy for its absolute rule from the Wahhabist ulama. Especially in the last two decades, however, it has become clear that the same religion from which the Saudi...

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