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Report for User Center DesignIntroductionIn this UCDE project, our group designed an interactive system that encouraging people go for a walk. The whole system includes a sensor and an application. The sensor put on user's shoes, which collects and monitors user's walking data. The application based on smart phone, which calculates the data and provides a friendly interface for user to check the result of calculation, such as calories, and give some daily objective that encourage user go for walk. This reflective report will give a fair grade for my work that I contributed to the group project, discuss the best and least well thing that I did and examine the most important thing that I learned about User-centered Design in doing this group project.Self-evaluation marksI assign 7 marks for my work that I contributed to the group project.My main responsibility for this project was designing, drawing and modifying prototype which is an application prototype based on smart phone. I contributed to prototype well. Most time, prototype I did was high quality. Moreover, I participated every meeting and discuss every parts of this project. I provided ideas willingly, useful and regularly.Best thing that I did in this group projectFor this UCDE project, I designed and modified the prototype. I did the best thing should be concept design. Although there are many concepts, such as walking plan, walking objective, walking achievements, and setting, they are easy to understand for common people. The relationships between the concepts are clear. User makes some walking plans, and has walking to complete these plans. Then the user may achieve an objective. After achieving specific objectives, the specific achievement should be obtained.There are also some concept related to mental model and metaphor. I borrowed some rules from real lift. For example, user can use the system to make a walking plan on specific time from a point to another point, that like in real life, people make a plan to do something. According to the personas, the main users of our system are familiar with smart phone and social network. Based on the scenarios, there are two specific users which are university student and a young lady. They are both using facebook. So users are familiar with some concept from facebook. I borrowed some concepts from facebook, for example share and friends, user can share a walking plan with friends through our system. There are also some concept borrowed from other application, such as that gray button cannot click, rotating circle with percentage for waiting.Based on these concepts design, users can easy understand the system in first time and use each function of the system.Least well thing that I did in this group projectAlmost only using menu interaction style was the least well thing that I did in this project. Although most of smart phone support 2D Gesture, even 3D gesture, for manipulation interaction style, I did not use it for improving the interface...

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