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To Kill A Mockingbird is a novel, written by Harper Lee. It pivots around the growth of Scout, a young girl who lives in the middle of a racist southern town, Maycomb, Alabama. At first she acts like a reckless, boyish child (22). However, Scout discovers racism and evil, in doing so she suffers a loss of innocence, Scout ends up more mature and she learns to care for others. Hence, it is evident that Scout is a dynamic character rather than a static character.

Scout changes from a tomboy to a young girl, with the help of Jem. For much of their younger live, Scout got along as a friend with her brother, Jem. He accepted her tomboyish characteristics, however, as Jem begins to mature, he ...view middle of the document...

As she enters the door to the prison, she smells stale whisky and other pungent smells. Suddenly one of the men grabs Jem and almost yanks him off the ground. Surprised, Scout attempts to kick his shin, but “aimed too high” which made the man step back in genuine pain. This shows Scout’s courage and the innocent mind she has. If she was mature, she would know that the man was dangerous enough to kill her, yet she stepped up to save Atticus. This happened because Scout was oblivious about what was going on, which can translate to the fact that she is still very immature at this point of the novel.

The final evidence that Scout is a dynamic character is that she starts to see Atticus as a person rather than a parent. During the beginning of the novel, Scout thinks of Atticus as the strongest and smartest person in the world, like a hero. “The world’s endin’, Atticus! Please do something-!” (86). This quotation shows that Scout has never seen snow before, and also displays that Scout thinks that Atticus could fix anything in the whole world, even the climate. Therefore, it is blatant that Scout sees Atticus as a problem solver. However, after the incident with Mr. Cunningham and his gang, Scout finds out that there are even bigger danger and greater threats in the world than Atticus. “I thought he would have a fine surprise,...

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