Racism Has Always Existed In America

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Racism was evident in America since the time when the puritans crossed over the Atlantic to find new meaning and life. The Native American Indians were driven out, slaughtered and later confined to a territory similar to how the Chinese workers and immigrants were during the end of 19th century. The 100,000 Chinese living in the U.S. who sailed over to accumulate some wealth and go back to China, were subject to discriminatory treatment which was mainly due to racial difference. They had to suffer very much from many militant labor unions, violent and discriminatory American people, and laws that restricted Chinese immigration, becoming citizen, owning land, working for corporations, attending white schools and many more. (Arkush, Lee, 57) In Huang Zunxian’s poem he gives clear descriptions on how the Americans treated the Chinese just because of different color of their skins. It is not just in his writing that expressed sorrow and pain but most of Chinese writing about America in 19th and 20th century is in a somber tone. Although America was always thought and imagined as a paradise, land of opportunity, freedom, and equal rights, by others who have just heard of America, it was not the country that it said it was to be. Arkush states that Chinese were bitter and frustrated by the Chinese government’s inability to protect its people and felt betrayal of the ideals of George Washington. (Arkush, Lee, 61) It is important to know what and how the immigrants experienced in actual America as a different race since what they viewed and came in contact is the real America that everyone in the world should have known not to get misled.
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