Psychological Disorders: Types Of Phobias Essay

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This paper contains information of the types of phobias that exits based on three main categories which are Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and Specific Phobias which can be related to: animals, inanimate objects/situations, bodily conditions and others, there is an extended list of phobias but we will address some of the most common and some of the top rarest phobias that you can ever imagine. Phobias can be treated but is not always easy to overcome this excessive fear for a certain situation/thing. This research will make you gain or expand you knowledge of the types of psychological disorders which in this case are phobias.

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Social Anxiety Disorder is related to a fear of being social embarrassed or humiliated for example a student has a project to present in front of her classmates and teacher, is about to be her turn so she starts sweating, shaking she gets extremely nervous so she start to stutter and the overall fear is feeling embarresed in front of all her classmates.

Specific phobia it is related to an extreme fear of animals, inanimate objects/situations, bodily conditions and others, some name of phobias related with animals can be: cats (ailurophobe), spiders (arachnophobia), snakes (ophidiophobia) and rodents(rodenthophobia) which are one of the most common but literally the list is infinite. Inanimate objects/situations phobias can be dirt (mysophobia), thunder (brontophobia) darkness (nygthobia) and fire (pyrophobia) and of course there is a lot more. Another specific phobia is the bodily conditions for example sight of blood (hematophobia), illness or injury (nosophobia) and death (thanatophobia). (Zimbardo, P. G., Johnson, R. L., & McCann p.532)
The majority of phobias mentioned previously are common but there are some phobias that people have that you could never imagine or think about. According to Staff Writers caligynephobia such phobia refers to an unwarranted fear of beautiful women. Another one is ablutophobia refers to the fear of taking showers; spectrophobia is the fear of seeing your own reflection this can be related to the belief/myths that mirrors can portrait your soul or ghosts and peladophobia fear of seeing bold head person can be cause of an childhood trauma. All the phobias mentioned above are specific phobias.(Writers S)
According to some research I did some people argue that it might be hereditary but I totally disagree because from my point of view fears developed based on experiences or they can also be learned I do not believe...


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