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The piece of legislation I chose was Executive Order 13045, which concerns the protection of children from environmental health and safety risks. Put in place by President Clinton, it requires all government agencies (and strongly suggests that independent agencies) perform in-depth inspections of all activities/projects and their effect on the environment, and the citizens of America.
This executive order has significantly affected the environment and the citizens of the United States. Since children's' bodies are growing and changing so quickly, they are more susceptible to dangers from chemicals and other poisons. According to the website of the Environmental Protection Agency, "Environmental health risks or safety risks refer to risks to health or to safety that are attributable to products or substances that the child is likely to come in contact with or ingest (such as the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink or use for recreation, the soil we live on, and the products we use or are exposed to)."( E.O. 13045) At the time this piece of legislation was first introduced, these chemicals could be found in things like paint, household cleaners, pesticides, and several other sources. This was put into place in order to protect the bodies and minds of the children who are the future of America. Without it, the population of the United States would have been crippled.
There were several historic events that led up to this piece of legislation. There were numerous reports of harmful chemicals in household products such as paint and disinfectants, as well as chemicals found in pesticides and others products used outside. While these chemicals had minimal effects on adults, they greatly affected the constantly-developing bodies of young people. According to Executive Order 13045, "These [safety] risks arise because: children's neurological, immunological, digestive, and other bodily systems are still developing; children eat more food, drink more fluids, and breathe more air in proportion to their body weight than adults; children's size and weight may diminish their protection from standard safety features; and children's behavior patterns may make them more susceptible to accidents because they are less able to protect themselves." (Executive Order 13045) The government realized that they needed to put in place some sort of legislation in order to protect these endangered children, and that they needed to do it fast. Executive Order 13045 resulted from this mindset.
The main stakeholders in this executive order were President Clinton and the government, the children who were put at risk by harmful chemicals and the companies whose products contained the aforementioned chemicals. The President's...

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