Pop Culture And Paganism: A Mutation Of Truth

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As this graph shows there’s a far greater number of Wiccans in America the most people are even aware of, and if the stereotype was true then can you imagine what the country would be like? If each one of these Wiccans was an evil devil worshiping monster who kidnap small children in the night, seems highly illogical when you put it that way doesn’t?
Despite the fact that Wiccans are for the most part a peaceful people, fear and misunderstandings continue to run rampant. For the practitioners who do chose to come out about their religious beliefs the consequences can be more devastating than just having to deal with sideways glances and backward whisperers. In the case of Carole Smith she ...view middle of the document...

Smith was hurt by these comments and reported them to her supervisor as a form of harassment. However her advisers ignored the reports in fact many of the tormentors were her own supervisors. All of this came to a climax when Carol Smith was called into the office of the assistant director at her TSA office. Shortly after this meeting Ms. Smith was terminated. Furthermore, it’s not always just the practitioners themselves that are misrepresented by Pop Culture but often time the religious symbols themselves.
One of the most important symbols in the Wiccan religion is the pentagram, a five pointed stare with a circle around it. The pentagram has always held a strong impression in Pop Culture and is used many time in moves and horror comics in reference to satanic cults and devil worshipers. It is a symbol that it so engraved in the mind of society as having to do with evil satanic rites that to even see a person wearing one makes many people assume that their trouble makers. This is in large part because of the how the symbol is used in movies such as The Blair Witch Project, The Witches of Eastwick and The Wicker Man. Furthermore what most people don’t realize is that the pentagram is an important symbol to Wiccan because it is a symbol of protection not one of evil. The Pentagram is worn with one point facing up and the five points represent the five sacred elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Although it is true that there is a reverse pentagram that is worn by Satanists it is not the same symbol as that worn by Wiccans. Wicca itself is a religion that teaches patient’s and acceptance for all people and to do harm of any kind to another person is not tolerated, in the Wiccan Reed which is the equivalent of the Ten commandments it states “If it Harms none, Do what Thou Will”, these words are the heart of the Wiccan faith.
Predictably this isn’t the first time in history that Hollywood has portrayed a culture in a negative light that resulted in discrimination hatred and fear, one of the darkest days in Hollywood history happen because of exactly this. The so-called red scare of...

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