Personal Narrative: My Transformation From A Non Believer To A Follower Of God

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I have long believed that God was a tale, a story, a Santa Claus or maybe worse, that he did not even exist. Now, I have drastically changed my mind and I strongly believe that He exists, guides, helps, and cares for those who have followed and supported him. By believe I mean, to accept as true or real, to credit with veracity, to expect or suppose, to have firm confidence, to have trust, and overall, to have faith, something special and unique which make us free. That is the way as believe in Him now…
I know that the fact of believing is something personal, very personal, and nobody can confirm or verify God´s existence, even science, but from my point of view, He is real. His son, Jesus Christ came to earth to save us. That fact is historical and nobody can contradict it. Many people can say that life is unfair because of all the sufferings, starvations, and wars in the world. Some believe that God doesn’t exist because of that, and believe that if he existed he wouldn’t have allow all that pain. In my country we have a saying to counter that;
-“Dios escribe derecho con renglones torcidos”. This means that everything happens for a reason, that everything has an explanation, that sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.
As a teenager, I was a little bit rebelious and things didn’t work out very well. I was expelled from 3 schools, my relationship with my parents was non-existant, and we were arguing constantly, my girlfriend of four years left me, and I thought that God wasn’t; I was anti-religious. I thought that he was obligated to help me, but I was mistaken. I was not feeling happy, or free or full. I almost wanted to end my life, as I felt myself absolutely empty. I felt that something was missing inside me. At that time, my grandmother was dying because of a horrible illness that had been accompanying...

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