Personal Narrative: I Learned From My Friend's Mistakes

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Imagine having the advantage of knowing what to do before you could make a mistake. Imagine not having to pay the price due to the lack of experience. I wouldn’t say I am an expert at life, but when those tricky situations come, I am one step ahead of the game. How would that be possible you say? I owe it all to my best friend; she gave me the best advantage, simply by having to watch her suffer the consequences of her mistakes.
We’ve been best friends since pre-k, we always had fun with each other, and we were both so innocent. She was a smart girl and I had always looked up to her since I didn’t have a big sister. She had a lot of friends and performed well in school. Unfortunately things drastically changed when we entered middle and high school. She wasn’t the same. While I was just worried if I had an A or a B in my class, she was worried about being popular and impressing boys. They were her biggest weakness. She gave in to their malicious behavior; and constantly made the wrong decision to stay with them. I would repeatedly advise her to be a little wiser when it came to the next one. She never learned though, she would make the same exact mistake, and later I would have to console her about it. Her relationships helped me understand a little better the complexity of high school relationships. The boys became so predictable that I almost guessed every move they would make, and which ones would make her fail. She was also such a rebellious child. She smoked, she drank, and she partied. She did a lot of these things in front of me. At the time everyone thought it was cool and attractive to do these things. I didn’t like what it turned her into so I stayed away. Her parents often caught her...

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