Personal Narrative Flying On The Wings Of Love

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Flying on the Wings of Love

The seat rumbled in the window seat of the plane. I looked out across the wing at the tiny men running frantically around in their orange vests. I started thinking about where I was about to go and my palms started to sweat. "Oh no" I thought to myself as I felt my body tensing. I was getting nervous although I had no clue about how my life was about to change.

The plane began to move. We were taking off. With each minute, and each thought, I became more and more anxious. I looked out the window. The ground moved faster and faster, soon the gravel began to look like blurry streaks and suddenly the plane lifted. My mind cleared and I just watched... I looked down upon the tiny little towns, my nose pressed up against the cold, plastic window, and my imagination took over... I began to dream of living in foreign lands. A huge mansion on a vineyard property perhaps. The sunshine pouring through my window every morning. I then pictured myself getting up, putting on a silk robe and walking downstairs. The scent of grape blossoms and morning dew fills the air and I take a deep breath. I grab a mug of hot tea and continue out onto the balcony. A man sat there on the porch swing, watching the sun stream through the rows of vines. Who is this? Jason? Was this possibly my husband? "Me married?" I questioned with a bit of apprehension. I let out a deep sigh in which my daydream was interrupted.

I now looked to the right of me at a man wearing a gray suit; book in hand. I could tell he was asleep by the long-drawn wheezing coming from his nostrils. Bored by the happenings inside the plane, I looked back out the window to my left. While my mind had wandered off, the plane had risen above the clouds. I watched quietly and looked to see what shapes and mystical worlds I could make up in the passing fluffs of white. Before I knew it, I was...

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