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The turmoil of life brought me down many hard paths from which I never fully recovered, until I met Jesus Christ. I could see that I was ending up in the wrong place, and I did not know how to get out of it. I had not been faithful to what was in my heart. I knew I was missing something. I knew I was missing Christ.

The summer before I entered high school was filled with memories that I will never forget. I met a woman named Jennifer on the last day of my eighth-grade year. She was the Campus Life Minister for my school. She was concerned with where my life was going. Jennifer had seen me before at the school and she knew that I had a lot of trouble in my life. I was a student who made good grades, but I did not really care about anything.

Jennifer pulled me aside one day and asked me if I knew about Jesus Christ. I told her that I did. I was raised a Catholic and I had been taught that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. Jennifer told me that there was more to God than just Him being the Son. She asked if she could meet with me and tell me more. At that point I was really questioning what she was saying, so I said that we could meet.

The next week I received a phone call from her asking if we could get together later that day and talk. I worked it out with my parents and we met. That was the meeting that changed my life. Jennifer opened up my eyes to something amazing. She showed me that God could be a friend and not just a scary being from above. I could not believe it. There was Someone in this world who loved me and did not care what I did because He would never stop loving me. I was in awe and amazement. Jennifer invited me to join a group of teen leaders at her house to discuss the next year and what we would do to help bring Christ to students. I was excited to attend the meeting. I could not wait to meet other Christians and share my new faith with them. The meeting was...

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