Personal Narrative: Deviance And Underage Drinking

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Personal Narrative: Deviance and Underage Drinking

I think that I shall attempt to be original on this topic. Just joking. The worst act of deviance that I have taken part in to my recollection was underage drinking. Before I start talking about this particular act of deviance I would like to say that it was a blast and I would gladly do it again. Also I did know this act was one of deviance, I believe most people know what they are doing when they break the law and I particularly did about this act. My parents and I had talked about underage drinking on several occasions and how there would be plenty of time later in my life to party and get drunk.
In the beginning I never drank or even really went to any "parties" until I was a junior in high school. So here it is my junior year. It is my first year not playing football in the fall. I wrestled in the winter and played baseball in the spring. This being the first time in my athletic career that I hadn't been involved in a sport that was in season. Being the popular individual that I was the all of the hot girls in school persuaded me to start partying. This was enough for about the first month of class. Then I eventually began to start drinking and doing various other activities that include girls. I never used any illicit drugs or anything like that, but my life pretty much consisted of drinking and having sex. I do not consider having sex a deviant act, but the drinking was illegal so I do consider it a deviant act. Now that the foreground for this act has been laid let me talk about the night that the deviance became known to my parents.
It was a cool, breezy, slightly rainy Friday night. I believe it was our fifth football game of the year. It was a home football game against whom I cannot remember. Anyway that is unimportant. I wasn't even going to go out that night but we started official wrestling practice in three weeks and we did not have another home football game that year. I remember this night very vividly up to a certain point. So I will try to keep all the good detail in this paper. Ring, ring. I answer the phone at 5:30 p.m. thinking who could be calling me. I have no plans for tonight so this is weird. The person on the other end is a girl I know from class named Tiffany. She says that she is having a party at her place before the game and that everyone is going to Melanie's after the game to keep drinking. I wasn't going to go, but then Tiffany reminded me that Heather was going to be there and that she was horny and thought that I was hot. This convinced me to go out. I arrived at tiffany's around 6:30 p. m. and we started off with shots of Malibu, I know I was a wimp, and Rumple Minze. This was a very bad idea. We continued this up until the game started at 8. I would say that there were about ten to twelve of us at Tiffany's. Another guy, named Marc, and around ten girls. When we got to the game we were pretty drunk. We sat, we saw,...

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