Personal Narrative: Cheerleading Competition Essay

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Cheerleading - It Was Our Year!

Running the same routine over and over since August 14, 2004 and it is now October 6th. Bodies are aching, feet are sore and we all feel as though

we have been beaten by a 200 pound boulder. Cheerleading is our passion and we love to do it, but by mid September we were all ready to quit.

Practice Monday threw Friday from three o’clock to seven, and then eleven until two on Saturdays! As the Lord did, we got to rest on Sundays. It was

rough, sometimes practices would go longer, Coach Curry would say "You girls are running this until you get it right", and some practices were a lot

shorter than expected, "I am tired of seeing the same tired faces, the same sloppy motions and hearing those uneven voices… roll up the mats and

leave! Now!" Practices were hard, long, and alot of work. Conditioning every day for an hour, conditioning being, running half a mile, 5 counts of 20 sit

ups and 3 counts of 20 push ups, and whatever else Coach Curry decided to throw in there. The four plus months before competition was h@#$ but we

made it threw!

October 12, 2004 eight different squads line up single file, in front of an eager and restless audience. The many different squads seem to have their own special fan sections. Moms. dads, sisters and brothers all here to lend their support. In the very center there seems to be an ocean of blue and green, our entire football team is there to support us like we do every tuesday and friday night.Our Freshmen and Junior Varsity cheelreaders are here also, watching us in awe, and day anticipating their three minutes and thirty seconds on the blue matts. Its time to say hello!The entire stadium size gym has its own energy, it seems to seep threw your pores and makes you jump out and yell "Lets Go Seadonkeys". We file out row by row, I know the next time I walk into the gym with my squad the feeling will not be the same. Next time it will be to show them what we are made of. All 20 of us are fidgeting like we have ants in our borderline too short blue skirts, as we await our name to be called. Of course we have already huddled up in prayer, all curly haired heads with big white bows were bowed to give our Lord thanks and to ask him for his guidance. "It’s our year… South Park it’s OUR YEAR".

It's finally show time. We file out, get into our spots, chest rising all in sync with one another. The first beat hits us like a jump start, we launch into

motions, and our facials are working overtime, motions sharp as boards. First sequence of jumps, everyone gets off the ground and everyone lands.

"Shake it, shake it" a cheer mix by Ying Yang Twins and Brittany Spears, girls its time to dance. With gyrating hips and sassy puckered lips we get

threw the dance portion of the routine. First Karlie goes up in her gravity defying basket toss , she looks just like a canon ball that has been

spit into the air, except this cannon ball kicks out and twists...

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