Overwhelming My Senses At State Park Lake

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People, places, and things are always in a constant change for better or for worse. One such place is a park called State Park Lake. It is a place that is not only holds childhood memories, but is also a place I make frequent visits to. During the summer, I spend most of my weeks at this small, cramped boat house helping customers on-and-off of boats. As a child, I vividly remember these weekend trips to the lake as exciting, because it smelled of roses and the water was clear enough to see your feet, where they touched the shallow bottom. Now, it seems every time I come to work, the water has become murkier than on the previous trip, and the smell of dead fish becomes more apparent. The smells, the appearance, and lack of improvements have become distinguishing factors in the decline of State Park Lake over time.
The smell of summer’s sweet nectar from flowers, along with the freshness of an early summer filled your nostrils as you entered Volkening Lake. This smell did not dissipate as you got closer to the water, but instead grew stronger. The relaxing smell of the breeze coming off of the water, made it even more tempting to jump in. Even as you drew closer to the boat house, you could smell the freshness almost seeping between the wooden planks. The scents of pine and popcorn filled the air as you now stood waiting in line for a boat, the scent almost burned in the workers’ clothes. But, as you walked along the dock, an unfamiliar scent would catch you off-guard, the smell of brand new plastic from a paddle boat like a brand new toy ripped from its bubble wrap.
Walking towards this boat house, as a child, it looked as big as a Wal-Mart. At this age, it was over three times my size, which to a 4’3” seven-year old is enormous. As you looked around at the asphalt-paved paths, you could see the newly planted beds of flowers and freshly cut grass. Even looking across the water, the sun’s rays bounced off of it reflecting the surroundings like a mirror. Occasionally a bright blue, sparkled paddle boat would break the mirrored sheet of...

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