Original Play: Brooke's Changing Life Essay

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|Part I|
While Brooke had perfected her culinary skills into a mastery that could surely put Rachael Ray out of business if she really wanted to, breakfast was probably the furthest thing from her mind right now, but with Hunter's suggestion that they stay away from the hosptital for the day and do something else, it only seemed fitting she do as he requested. Giving up and waving the white flag was the only option in her eyes, so she again lifted her head, pushing back her matted hair from her face, trying to think of activities to keep her and her little energizer bunny occupied for the day and take their minds and heavy hearts off of what had happened and that was what she had to keep reminding herself of, to keep her mind off of it.

Breakfast was... quiet as to be expected. Brooke really had to push herself to get the food down, only doing so for the sake of her daughter and to set Hunter's mind at ease when she last spoke to him. As she shuffled most of her breakfast around on her plate. Leaving half her meal untouched, she scraped a few of the leftovers on their dishes into containers and loaded the dishwasher with the help of her little girl at her side. Unsure of what to do or say next, she turned and leaned against the counter, her head gently bobbing as she reached out and kissed the top of her tiny daughter's head.

With a few days off from the hospital after placing her final two week's notice, Brooke was spending her time with her family and taking advantage of the free time she was rarely treated to. In her hand was some candy and on her leg was a human monkey who was trying to get the candy from her mother. It was a brighter than bright day for Spring and Brooke knew she would miss the warm weather she had grown accustomed to over the last twenty-six years.

|Part II|
"Lets go play outside." Their backyard was mostly furnished with colors of all sorts and even though it was mostly all bricks and stone, she and Cailyn had managed to create a strip of lawn to play on. This was the City of Angels after all and a backyard without a pool was basically unheard of. The phone carried to her ear as if she was trained to pick it up, even over giggles and pleas for attention from the princess she adored. She thought it could be Hunter calling from the hospital and she sprang to pick it up before it's third ring.

"Hello? Oh hay D. Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun, and he's doing a lot better, the doctors said he can be released in two days. Mm hmm I know how much you care about my boyfriend. So yeah, we'll be there." Now that she had made plans with Mr. James, she had someone she had to tell, and she couldn't deny the inevitable. "Sweetie, guess who we're gonna see today," she told her with a reassuring smile before Cailyn attached herself to Brooke's knee and tried to climb on her to get the lollipop.
"Mommy!" She whined and Brooke caved, handing her the lollipop.

Scooping Cailyn into her arms, the mother-daughter duo...

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