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I would support the “opt-out” policy if the United States decided to adopt it. Many people all over America are in dire need of organs, all are life or death situations. Some people would be against this policy for the simple fact that they would like to keep their bodies in the same condition that they had while they were alive when they are deceased. This could be beneficial to millions of Americans and if someone is truly against this policy they can just say that they would not like to have their organs removed. This would more than likely also help to stop the illegal organ trade that lives in underground America. Other countries have already chosen to take this route when it comes to ...view middle of the document...

These studies show that Americans already agree to donate their organs while dead over donating them while living. Since more Americans would prefer having their organs donated while they are dead applying the Opt-in policy would probably not phase Americans at all.
If someone had a problem with the sanctity of their body then they would always have the right to keep their body as is if they wanted to. All they would have to do is speak up and say that they would like to keep their body as is the day that they die at some point while they are alive. More people would likely want to donate organs if the government gave the donor money like the Iranian government does. In many cases the waiting list to receive organs from a donor is so long that people often request to pay large amounts of money to receive a needed organ from someone. This can be the only option for some because the waiting list is so long that many on it will not receive that organ that they need in this lifetime if they do not offer money.
Many people decide to try to wait it out on the donor list, some even pay for organs legally from willing participants, but some people become so desperate that they resort to buying organs on the “Red Market”. The red market is the illegal trade of human organs, some are taken from unwilling and unexpected victims and others are stolen from mortuaries all across America. According to Scott Carney the “Red Market” or the underground trade of human organs is a prominent business in America, though it is rarely spoken about and many people know nothing about it. In 2001 a former Chinese surgeon confessed before congress that he had harvested millions of kidneys, corneas, and skin illegally from many executed Chinese prisoner. The United Nations is attempting to crack down on and end the illegal trafficking of human body parts today for reasons similar to that. According to Vincent and Hughes there have been countless stories stolen kidneys all over America that involve people being drugged and put to sleep while some of their organs that they can live without are being harvested. In some cases children even victim to stole kidneys.
In some of Carney’s other research he found that fewer than two out of every ten families decide to donate an organ to someone in need. For example about ninety thousand Americans are in need of a kidney but only about fourteen thousand Americans actually make it to the waiting list. With these low numbers...

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