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The Sumatran orangutans live in northern Sumatra, in the Mt. Leuser national Park. A special orangutan rehabilitation center has been established at Bohorok, Bukit Lawang, for orphaned orangutans, where orangutans are taught how to return to the wild again. Today rehabilitations has become very important, because population of orangutans are decreasing. It is difficult to teach them how to survive in the wild, because most of them were brought up by humans, and they did not learn any behaviors they should learn. Rehabilitation is very important because, if they were released to the wild without learning anything, they will die because they do not know how to live in the wild.The Bohorok Rehabilitation Center at Bukit Lawang in the eastern Langkat sector of Gunung Leuser National Park is the center handling orangutans' rehabilitation and relocation work in Sumatra. It was established in 1973 by two Swiss zoologists with funding from by the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) World Wildlife.In 1980, the center was taken over by the Indonesian government. Since then it has received no outside funding. It survives on a portion of the money paid by visitors.Bohorok's staff are responsible for about 35 orangutans who are free to come and go into the forest, and another 8 are in quarantine area. The center closed to receive more orangutans since 1996.Bohorok welcomed and promoted tourism and it became major tourist attraction in the area. However, this has led to problems for rehabilitation.The Sumatran orangutans has recently been placed on the "Critically Endangered" list of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. Today there are 4000 ~ 6000 left in Sumatra and disappearing at a rate of more than 1000 per year.Orangutans breed more slowly than any other primates, the female producing a baby on average once every 7 ~ 8 years. This makes the population easier to lose and accelerates the decline in number.Females are often killed in order to collect young orangutans for zoo, circuses, and pets. When the baby are kept as pets they do not learn anything about the life in the wild. So the rehabilitation is important to teach orangutans how to live in the wild.Poaching is one example that humans have been doing for decades. Females are often killed in order to collect young orangutans. Habitat destruction is the greatest threat to the species. Rainforest is rapidly being logged and used for agriculture and mining.The orangutans usually arrive at the center by donations. Most of the orangutans were pets. New orangutans have to go through a quarantine period of 3 months. During this time they are checked physically psychologically and emotionally. Some of them arrive at the center in very poor condition. Many had been kept in cages where they couldn't move well.Each orangutan gets a complete medical check for infectious diseases. The doctors take blood samples, inject them for parasite treatment, take pictures, take hair sample, take nail...

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