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These ads can make children seem like they are hungry when they are not and make them overeat and become obese. Schools that are within a mile from a restaurant see higher obesity rates than others because kids eat less fruits and vegetables (Davis & Carpenter, 2009). Fruits and vegetables are important when it comes to children eating a nutritional meal. A study was conducted on how parents and children react to ads placed by fast food restaurants.
The study concluded that parents and children both recognized that they needed to take personal responsibility for their weights (Thomas, Olds, Pettigrew, Yeatman, Hyde & Dragovic, 2014). Parents and children need to also be held responsible for ...view middle of the document...

By children eating away from home they do not get the proper nutrition that their body needs.
By parents not taking time to feed their children home cooked meals they contribute to children being obese. They are bringing harm to their children when they allow them to eat what they want and they become obese. It is vital that parents make an effort to feed their children home cooked meals. A home cooked meal can provide proper nutrition and a lot less calories than fast food restaurants serve. Parents do not realize what they are feeding their children when they eat and give their own children food from a fast food restaurant.
Many parents are so busy that they do not think about the health of their children and what they are feeding them when they buy fast food on a daily basis. Taking time to look into what your children are eating can help keep their weight down and keep them healthy. “It takes a good bit of discipline for parents to establish a division of responsibility for the feeding, putting meals on the table, having snacks, and keeping kids out of the refrigerator at times, and expecting them to learn to like food that is put in front of them” (Babcock,1999). This lack of responsibility and discipline affect children and their health. A child will eat almost anything that is put in front of them healthy or not. This can lead to bad health and obesity. Obese children suffer more when they are not put on a diet or given healthy food by their parents. Parents need to take responsibility and time to make a schedule to feed their children at home or have others feed them at home during meal times. Children’s health and weight are vital to their growth and development.

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