No One Is Responsible For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is an prodigiously well know tragedy by the well acclaimed author William Shakespear. It is one of the most referenced and cloned plays out there spawning many movies and novels based on the story. It is a enjoyable and easy read for anyone over 13 and yet it can prove to be very hard to interpret the finer points of it. One of these is “Who was the person responsible for the passing of Romeo and Juliet.”

The first factor in the sequence of events that ultimately lead to the young couples deaths is the obvious feud between the two families, ‘Montague’ and ‘Capulet’ The two families condemn each other so immensely that they fight each other on sight. This feud went on over such a massive time span that they forgot what they were fighting over. Romeo was a Montague and Juliet was a Capulet, this obviously made Romeo and Juliet think that their relationship would be frowned upon by the heads of the separate families. This caused Romeo and Juliet to become overly cautious and secretive.

The second factor was the fact that Old Man Capulet (or Lord Capulet) was trying to get Juliet to marry Paris. Paris first appears with Capulet, who is saying that he and Montague ought to be able to keep the peace. Paris makes a polite comment about that, then asks, "But now, my lord, what say you to my suit?" A “suit" is an important request. Paris’s suit is Juliet's hand in marriage. Lord Capulet replies that Juliet is really too young, but Paris disagrees. Eventually Lord Capulet agrees and decides to (force) wed Paris to Juliet in a desperate attempt to ‘save’ the Capulet name. Juliet disagrees with this and instead tries to avoid marriage with Paris at all costs.

Friar Lawrence has a momentous role in the sequence considering he marries Romeo and Juliet in an attempt to stop the feud between the families and to stop Juliet from marrying Paris. As marrying two different people (bigamy or polygamy) is a sin. Because Juliet marries Romeo she doesn’t want to marry Paris at all. She goes so far as to taking a potion that knocks her unconscious given to her by the Friar Lawrence. He, in the sequence, was the final piece mandatory for the demise of Romeo and Juliet.

The fourth person that assisted the death of the young couple was Tybalt. Romeo arrived at a Capulet party uninvited, this alone made Tybalt want to fight Romeo. The family feud at the time most likely made Tybalt want to fight Romeo more. When Tybalt tried to fight Romeo, Mercutio steps in and starts sword fighting (duelling) with Tybalt. Tybalt kills Mercutio. Romeo, who is enraged from his close friend’s death, fights Tybalt and kills him. When Lady Capulet sees that Tybalt is dead she cries out, "Tybalt, my...

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