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NIMS is a uniform set of processes and procedures that emergency responders at all levels of government will use to conduct response operations. NIMS helps improve cooperation and interoperability among organizations. The framework is adaptable and accessible. It encourages all hazards preparedness. NIMS enables a variety of organizations to contribute successfully in emergency management and incident response. NIMS creates uniform professional emergency management and incident response practices.
NIMS applies to all events and all levels of stakeholders comprising government, private sector, significant infrastructure owners and workers, nongovernment agencies and everyone else involved in emergency management. Local officials and responsible policy makers need to have a clear understanding of NIMS.

NIMS is an all-inclusive approach to disaster management across the United States. It covers all jurisdictions and disciplines. NIMS applies to events, hazards and impact regardless of size, location or complexity. NIMS improve organization and teamwork with public and private groups in a variety of disaster management activities. NIM standardizes event management.
NIMS provides a uniform nationwide basis and way for federal, state, tribal, and local governments, along with the public to work on preparedness, recovery, response and mitigation no matter what causes an event. With all organizations using the same application, effective and efficient responses are possible. Organizations will be able to arrive on the scene and be ready to assist and understand exactly what each group is doing and why. Protocols are set and it is known what equipment and personnel are available. With NIMS all groups are able to integrate under a unified command.
NIMS components link and work together to form a complete event management system. NIMS components include preparedness, communications and information management, resource management, command and management and ongoing management and maintenance.
NIMS operates under the premise that all events begin and end locally. State and local government retain authority over the event. NIMS gives guidance that increase the ability of first responders, the public and non-government organizations (NGO) to work together more effectively. Federal and state governments support the local government when they do not have the resources to provide for the population affected. It is not the objective of the federal government to take over control of the response activities.
Public safety and welfare of the community falls under the jurisdiction of elected and appointed officials. Local officials provide strategic guidance and resources during preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. They must have a clear understanding of their responsibilities for success in emergency management.
The NIMS Preparedness Component serves as a baseline concept that links all the NIMS Components. Preparedness spans...

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