Next To Normal Essay

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Act 1 Synopsis
The scene opens on Diana Goodman, a sharp yet over attentive mother, waiting for her son Gabe, a smart, dashing boy who doesn’t seem to like to follow curfew. Her daughter Natalie, a girl who doesn’t seem to be very happy despite the fact she is a piano prodigy, storms in very upset looking for comfort from her mother. Noticing the chaos, Diana tries to help her family, which soon goes downhill when sandwich fixings are flown every which way. Dan, the genuine father of the Goodman family, sees Diana all bewildered and rushes to help her as Natalie hurries of the school so she can take advantage of the piano practice room where, not after long, she is interrupted by Henry, a ...view middle of the document...

While this is happening, Gabe is desperately trying to get someone’s attention.
After a few days Diana starts to work with Doctor Madden again. Gabe is still trying his hardest to get someone to notice he is there. Meanwhile, Natalie an d Dan do not think and of Diana’s new treatment is working. Doctor Madden suggests to them that try hypnosis. They are a bit lenient at first but decide they should try anything. After the treatment, Diana realizes it is time to let her son go so she leaves to clean out the stuff in his room. While she is working, Gabe shows himself again and asks his mother to dance. As they are dancing, Gabe asks Dianna to go away with him. She accepts and leaves.
The next time you see Diana she is in the hospital. She lies asleep with cuts all up her wrists. Doctor Madden explains to Dan that ETC is the treatment usually used for situations like this; drug-resistances, suicidal patients. Dan then leaves the hospital to go clean up after Diana. Back at the hospital, Diana has a melt down and completely explodes on Doctor Madden about not wanting to take her meds. Dan comes back and convinces her to take is because this could be her only hope.

Act 2 Synopsis
Over the next two weeks Diana gets more and more ECT treatments. When she gets home from the hospital they realize she has lost 19 years of memory. Dan then takes her back to the Doctor Madden who ensures that memory loss is normal when dealing with ECT treatment. He tells Dan that he should be using varies things at home to jog her memory like photos and keepsakes. Dan and Natalie have little success until Natalie takes out Gabe’s old music box. Not wanting Diana to remember he son had died, Dan quickly takes the box form her....

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