My Transition Into A Good Student

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If you were to talk to me today, you would never know that I was once the child who veered off the straight and narrow path. In those distant years of my past I was a problem child, with the notion that school was my playground. A failing grade use to mean that I was having fun in a prison with bleak white walls. When I was written up and sent to the principal’s office I knew that I would get to go home. But the cheerfulness that I felt, up until the point that my parents arrived, quickly vanished when I saw the tears in my mother’s eyes each time. This scenario lasted for the better part of my elementary school days and followed me to my new school when I moved. My mother’s tears haunted me at night, the joy I felt, when I got in trouble, soon fading when they came to mind. I soon realized that they were tears of disappointment, a realization that changed my world. When this realization set in, I knew that things had to change and that I could not continue on the path leading me down the road of self-destruction. At this point, I set my goals high and there was no turning back as I began to venture toward the straight and narrow again, my mind focused and my soul determined to succeed.
The transitions in my life began when I entered the seventh grade. Before, I had been content being the mediocre student who made poor grades. But the disappointment evident in my mother’s eyes made me as determined as ever to transform myself into someone both of us could be proud of. I began to pick up on valuable study habits and my note taking skills evolved. Studying and note taking paid off for when I received the first report card of the seventh grade, I had straights A’s for the first time. Another factor that contributed to my transition was my newfound ability to select friends who valued education over socializing. These new friends helped keep me on the straight and narrow course. We would form study groups and even tutor after school. I found joy in tutoring for I knew I was paying it forward for all those times someone had tried to help me. These new habits continued and I continued to excel. Before I knew it, the end of the school year had arrived and it was time for the award ceremony. As I sat there, watching all the other students receive awards, I never thought my name would be called and especially not when they were handing out that award. I remember it like it was yesterday…

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