My Plans For Postgraduate Studies And Career Interests

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My Plans for Postgraduate Studies and Career Interests

With a four year degree in Computer Science and Engineering and after working in software industry for some time, Now I’m intended to pursue my long term goal in academics, which is to obtain a Master degree and possibly to aim for PhD relating to my preferred research area. With the enthusiasm to learn and explore the area of parallel and distributed computing, I want to achieve my Master degree specialized in relevant field. I envision myself pursuing a career in academia and research in future which will allow me to contribute those fields with my foremost interest.
My sense of interest in research and its aspects began while I was an undergraduate.
Throughout my undergraduate studies, I was exposed to various aspects of computer science and engineering. And this exposure helped me to develop as a computer engineer with a broader knowledge. But without an in-depth study on specific fields especially in parallel computing and distributed systems which I’m highly interested of, left me with an urge to study and explore this area more.
My experience in research first gained from my undergraduate research project on web service security aspects. This project, named ‘Federated Identity for web services’ (FEDi) was aimed to facilitate federation identity in Apache Axis2/C, an open source web service framework. With our project we could propose a well established solution to achieve claim based identity among distributed web services. We developed and strengthened several well known web service specifications WS-Security, WS-Trust and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to obtain our project goals and composed a paper on ‘Claim Based Identity for Authentication and Authorization in Web Services’. This project is available under Apache Axis2/C and the paper was submitted and presented at the International Information Technology Conference (IITC), Sri Lanka...

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