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As I long I will be alive, my father would stay in my heart and thoughts. Every time I see my face, I can see some of his physical features through the mirror. He not only is my biologic father, but also my inspiration in my life. He constantly inspires me to put efforts in my impossible dreams. In return, I want to prove him myself and how capable I can be. With his personality, his role, and his unquestionable generosity, my father is a man who influences me the most.
My father’s personality is not extraordinary or amazing, on the other hand, one of the simplest one I ever know. You don’t have to be fantastic like a superhero to be recognized by the ones you love. With my dad’s outgoing attitude, you would be surprise that a middle aged man like him would still be young at heart and still seek for new knowledge. As I grew up, my father taught me how to multiply. Now, since we grew older, it is my turn to show him some of my knowledge from school.
I learned to be more open-minded despite the fact that the world changes every second because of him. I can recall him telling me to enjoy myself. He has this optimist side of him which I couldn’t comprehend where it was from. He loves surprises and enjoys the present.
In fact, his friendliness and appeal attracted a lot of different type of people. Back in my childhood, my father was the sort of person who would join his friends to play soccer in afternoons. He was also the one willing to help others from any ways he could. Whenever his friends needed a ride back home, he was willing to do it. Furthermore, my dad also has an incredible charisma which leads him to connect with other with no problem. This skill is remarkably needed when you do any business. So, when he started to manage our restaurant, he was the right man at the right time. If you had any experience in owning or working in restaurants or fast-foods industry, you would know how difficult and tiring the job is. However, my father would stay strong during crucial times at work for his family and himself.
My father is a man of respect. I admire him as his first and oldest daughter. No matter how mad or silly my sisters and I would get, he would be the peacemaker in the family. Let’s say that my sisters and I like to have fun at home. We have so much fun that we end up to be...

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