Medina City Library Collection Evaluation Essay

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Medina City Library Collection Evaluation
In order for a library’s collection to operate most effectively, the collection must be regularly evaluated. This process of evaluation and assessment includes determining the demographics of the community in which the library exists, as well as calculating holding and usage statistics for each of the sections within the library. Upon determining the performance of various areas of the collection, care must be taken to determine what course of action should be taken to improve the collection.
About Medina Library
History and Usage
The Medina Library has been serving the citizens of Medina city for over one hundred years; dating back to its opening in 1907. The latest renovation and expansion took place in 2008 ("Medina Library," 2013). The Medina Library is the main branch of the five libraries that are included within the Medina County District Library system. These libraries are members of the CLEVNET library consortium which allows patrons to have access to the resources provided by forty-four library systems within Northeast Ohio ("About CLEVNET," 2013). The libraries within the Medina County District Libraries have floating collections, giving patrons the freedom to return items to the branch that is most accessible to them. According to the Ohio library statistics compiled by the State Library in 2012, the Medina County libraries contain a total circulation of almost three million items (State Library of Ohio, 2012). The mission statement of the Medina County District Library is as follows: “Medina County District Library enriches life in our communities with outstanding and innovative library services for all” (Volunteer Handbook, 2012, p. 2)

Community Demographics
The city of Medina has a population of 26,200 and a median income of $61,644 ("City Overview," 2013). The racial representation within the community is predominately white at 93.3 percent, with African American and Hispanic individuals represented at 3.1 and 1.8 percent of the population respectively. The community is well-educated, with 94.3 percent of those twenty-five or older having graduated high school, and 34.2 percent of the population having earned their bachelor’s degree or higher. The number of individuals with a bachelor’s degree or higher is almost 10 percent higher than the state average (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013).
The Selection
Selection Choice
Upon arriving at the library, I spent close to fifteen minutes browsing the shelves, trying to get an idea of what area within this library I would be interested in evaluating. I determined that it would be best to confer with the library staff, not only to let them know who I was and what I was going to be doing, but to get their input on the area they would like evaluated. I recognized the librarian I had spoken with during the weeding exercise and approached her again. I remembered that she had given me a shelflist to look at when I had done this earlier...

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