Marriage, Cohabitation, And Single Parenthood Essay

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Marriage is a socially approved sexual relationship between two individuals or it is a formal relationship between man and woman which is typically recognized by law. It is simply a cultural universe. It always involves two opposite sexes but nowadays same sex marriage is permitted in some part of world. As we are moving towards the modernization society, the value and beliefs of marriage are also changing. People do not have same traditional perception about the marriage rather they have different attitudes towards it. The importance of marriage has lost in our society and children are no longer taught about the purity of marriage.
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But this concept has changed now it’s no more secret that many couples are cohabitating. Mostly in the Western world, it has become the fashion to cohabitate. People do not hesitate to perform sexual act before marriage and they even have children before marriage. People cohabitate first and if they feel he/she is right person than they end of marring that person otherwise they start cohabitating with somebody else. Usually the high school and college student are seen more involve in cohabitation. In United States this trend is common because of financial saving, companionship, security and desire to move out from parent’s home.
Most of the people think cohabitation is the substitute for marriage but some people think it is a way where you get to know the person thoroughly before jumping into the conclusion to get married. People also believe that if they cohabitate before marriage there is less chance of getting divorce after marriage. It might be true to some extent since they get chance to know each other, their habits , the way they react, their perfection and imperfections etc. but some research shows that couple are more likely to get divorced than those who don’t cohabitate. Usually less religious person cohabits compared to religious person. Religious person prefer traditional concept of marriage and want to stay in marriage institution forever once they got married and they are less likely to divorce because of religious matter.
Besides, cohabitation single parenting is also causing decline in marriage institution. Single parenting is the situation where there is either male or female living alone with their children without the support of their spouse. There is increasing divorce rate among the today’s generation compared to older generation. There are more babies born each year and few...

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