Marketing Research: Primary Vs. Secondary Research

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Marketing Research: Primary vs. Secondary Research
“Primary data are gathered specifically for the research project at hand. Secondary data is data that have been previously gathered for some other purpose.” (Burns & Bush, 2006). This paper will explore the differences in primary and secondary research when using qualitative and quantitative approaches. The paper will further discuss the tools that are used for each approach.
Quantitative & Qualitative Approaches
“Quantitative research is defined as research involving the use of structured questions in which the response options have been predetermined and a large number of respondents are involved.” (Burns & Bush, 2006). Quantitative research is associated with the more traditional industry research. The purpose of quantitative research is very clear and well defined. With this type of research, manager and researchers are on one accord and have agreed upon specific information that will be needed for the research that is numerical in nature. On the other hand, “qualitative research involves collecting, analyzing and interpreting data by observing what people do and say.” (Burns & Bush, 2006).
Examining the differences in primary and secondary research while using qualitative and quantitative approaches, primary research can take the form of both quantitative and qualitative research. Primary research is generated by asking questions, conducting trails, surveys and is collected from an original source. Therefore, the quantitative research that is conducted will be of a more scientific approach. There will be structured questions or a hypothesis stated and the researchers position is to prove or disprove that hypothesis thru the collecting and analyzing the results. The data that is normally analyzed is a mathematical form. However, the qualitative research of primary research is basically concerned with opinions and feelings. The data analyzed typically looks at the entire picture as opposed to separate areas
Secondary research which is based on prior researched information can be utilized in qualitative research. The data collected and analyzed can be translated into the information that is needed for the project. “Any study that is conducted using an observational technique or unstructured questioning can be classified as qualitative research.” (Burns & Bush, 2006). However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative research is implemented in some cases as an exploratory form of data collection at the beginning of a research project. “Qualitative data can give the researcher a better idea of what to look more closely at for later trails.” (Varoskovic, 1999 – 2010). Qualitative research also allows for a more in-depth or detailed results from the respondents. The disadvantage of qualitative research is that the data is the opinion of the researcher. On the other hand, the advantages of quantitative research are that the data is...

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