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Required Information.SUBWAY is a restaurant company that is originally from North America, It was firstly introduced in market in the year 1965. SUBWAY is one of the most companies in the world that have the fastest market growth with more than 34,000 restaurants in 95 countries include Malaysia (69 stores). The main problem that SUBWAY is concerned to overcome is to maintain the awareness of the customers towards SUBWAY. Therefore SUBWAY generally conducts some advertisement in a monthly period of time. It can be through website, newspaper or magazine, and also a direct advertising from SUBWAY's outlets such as introducing new flavor of sandwiches and giving promotions or discounts during ...view middle of the document...

3.1 Research Objective.- To explore the appropriateness location and area for the next outlets.2.4 Research Questions.- When do the customers more likely to purchase?- What is the common purchase behavior of the customers?2.4.1 Research Objective.- To identify the purchase behavior of the customers.Qualitative and Quantitative research data.With reference to the research objectives that has been outlined in 2.0, the appropriate method to be used is both qualitative and quantitative research method even though the quantitative method used for the research outweigh the qualitative method research. The benefit of quantitative data research is that the data can be evaluated deeper and has larger samples compare to quantitative research. The most common quantitative method used and it is also suitable to measure the satisfaction level of SUBWAY's customers is through providing pre coded survey and statistical analysis, for example: giving the customers yes no question or give rate from 1 (not satisfied) to 5 (very satisfied), the survey answer, is actually represents potential customers response and after the survey is finished, the result can be converted into statistical analysis for example graphs, tables, charts, etc.The advantages of qualitative data research are the data is easier to understand because more explanation is required even though the sample produced is not as many as quantitative researches do. Qualitative data research can be obtained through direct interview and once the data received, new idea will be easily comes out due to the interviewer's response. For example: stated in the research objective "to identify the purchase behavior of the buyers", qualitative research is more appropriate for this issue because the buying behavior of the customers are personal, not all customers have the same buying behavior. Thus, with both qualitative and quantitative research is conducted, more favorable results will be gained.Information available internally.4.1 Internal Data.4.1.1 SUBWAY Customer Overview.Customer overview on SUBWAY firstly is based on the attitudinal customer's profile. There is various kind of attitude of the customers such as: they think about the calories contained in the food they are eating and there are some customers who are on diet. Secondly is from societal issues which think of environmental friendly, so they think that everything...

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