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William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a play read by high school seniors across the country.In The play, macbeth and his wife, lady macbeth a man named macbeth become in many situiations that are devious . The planning on king duncan's murder begins with lady macbeth plotting to kill the king. She accomplishes this goal by telling macbeth to get two guys very drunk till they black out and blame the murder on the two intoxicated guys knowing that macbeth killed the king.
In my opinion Macbeth is guilty of a first degree murder this is a first degree murder because it says deliberately and premeditated murder because Macbeth planned his death and how to exactly do the crime. She also discussed on who to blame the death on. He should be charged with this degree because he is the one that killed the king and had the plans on doing so. I also feel that lady Macbeth should get a first degree murder because ...view middle of the document...

Someone might think that he should be charged with something else because he also intended to kill the king or someone else entirely should be charged with the crime. Someone might feel that Macbeth should be charged with a voluntary manslaughter because he intended to kill the king and was a direct kill for macbeth. It was an assassination, He intended to make the king deceased. Macbeth is guilty either way he killed the king he planned and killed the king directly so therefor other people may have the thought of him having a voluntary degree. Many others can have different ideas on degrees murders and manslaughters on the viewpoint of macbeths crime.Also many would say that it is Lady macbeth’s fault she should be charged for murder. Someone may also think that she should be charged with a first degree murder. She is the main person who wanted the king killed and assassinated. Many people would say that she should be charged with a first degree because she planned the death although she had someone else do it for her. yet she should also be blamed for killing the king because she is the one who invented the plan on killing the king.In my opinion I truly believe that Macbeth is found guilty and should be pressed with a first degree murder. He should just confessed right after he killed the king. Macbeth felt guilty and suicidal after he assassinated the king. He was depressed, he probably could have just lived better knowing that he was found guilty and pressed with the first degree murder.
Macbeth should be charged with a first degree murder. Him and his wife clearly planned the killing of the king and should be charged with a first degree murder. I honestly feel that they are guilty for killing an innocent person they are bad people for killing the king. Now that the king is deceased they feel guilty for killing the king. They should be punished dearly for their actions and thoughts. The king did not deserve to be deceased. There were people that looked up to him just for being king. Macbeth should be found guilty for planning and murdering the king which is a first degree murder.

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