Losing Someone You Care About Essay

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Losing Someone You Care About
Death is something no one likes to encounter. Weather it be a parent, son, daughter, or a friend. Growing up in the small town of Hunter, population of about a hundred, everyone knew everyone and their business. Not having anything to keep the children occupied during breaks from school; we were always just hanging out at each others house and becoming closer friends. The departure of growing up or even death never entered our minds at this point in our lives. Although, we knew two things were compelled to happen, we must live and die. Losing someone I was close to was a very challenging experience.
I had never really lost anyone other than my grandpa by the time I graduated high school. He was a funny, energetic older man. He was always in his overalls with the speckle of Prince Albert from his rolled up cigarette on his lips. He would take me fishing and spent much time with me, until illnesses due to old age kicked in and he had to be put in the nursing home. His death was hard nevertheless it was expected at the age of eighty three.
Getting married, leaving my small town, and having a child didn’t leave me much time to keep up the friendships I once revolved my life around. It was the end of the day and the work bell was about to ring when I received a call on line one. An uneasy voice cried, “Have you heard about Josh?” “No, what happened?” I insisted. The voice being my mother responded, “He was killed in a plane crash this morning at sky ranch.” I could feel tears commence to roll down my cheek as the news stung my ears. Josh was a comical person, always telling jokes and doing things to make people laugh. He loved doing stunts in his airplane. He was nineteen at the time of the accident. He had his whole life ahead of him.
Reconnecting with a friend from my old home town was a pleasing experience. Monica’s children were the same ages as mine. We found ourselves doing ball and leading girl scouts together. Having that someone to relate to made things seem easier. In 2001, she became...

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