Little Paradise Taught Me To Appreciate Beauty Everywhere

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The loud grumbling noise from the ferry boat reminded me of a car’s engine complaining of old age. Most people around us took no notice of it and went about relaxing and enjoying their time. The soft rocking of the boat made my stomach squeaky and my head dizzy. I felt a mixture of excitement and apprehension since that was our first trip as a married couple to an unfamiliar island. As I looked outside the window, I saw the blue ocean glistening in the sunshine like tiny crystals. I looked up to the sky and saw no trace of a cloud. “This would be a beautiful day”, I thought to myself. Suddenly, a deep friendly voice overhead announced we were about to reach our destination.
The island of Bohol in the Philippines is known for its white sandy beaches, mysterious underground rivers, magnificent waterfalls, tourist-friendly dolphins, floating restaurants, tiny timid Tarsiers, limestone-packed historical churches and the breathtaking natural wonder- The Chocolate Hills. Located south of Luzon in the Visayas region, Bohol sits southeast of Cebu island. As the 10th largest island of the Philippines, this island never failed to attract tourist from within the country as well as visitors from around the world. People in the island are known to be warm, friendly and accommodating. Accessibility to and around the area is easy. Food and accommodation are affordable. For these reasons, my husband and I chose Bohol as the place to be for our honeymoon.
As we stepped out of the ferry, we were immediately greeted by the clean salty scent of unpolluted seas. At the port, we picked a friendly guide to show us around using his vehicle. He first took us to the town of Carmen, where the world famous Chocolate Hills rest. From the drop-off point, we climbed 214 steps to the viewing deck to experience the hills’ extraordinary splendor. Draped with greenish-brown grass, the hills looked like chocolate kisses dropped from the sky. My husband said that it...

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