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Potential of Life on Europa
It is without a doubt that the most fascinating thing about space is the possibility of life elsewhere beside Earth. It is estimated that the Milky Way Galaxy itself contains about 300 billion stars. Each star contains planets and some planets might even have moons. With these findings, the question is no longer whether life exists elsewhere. The probability that Earth is the only place where life exists in the universe is far too slim. NASA has identified many planets that have similar conditions to Earth but most of these planets are hundreds of light years away so traveling there to find out if ...view middle of the document...

Figure 1: Artist’s impression of Europa’s ocean

Despite convincing evidences, some scientists are still very skeptical about the possibility of life on Europa even if there is an ocean underneath due to the fact that the living condition might be too harsh for life to exist. Some speculated that the temperature of water near the surface of Europa would be too cold but the near the bottom of Europa’s ocean, tidal heating would causes the interior to heats up resulting in underwater volcanoes and hydrothermal vents. The temperature of water near any of these “hotspots” is around 700 degrees Fahrenheit or even higher which can instantly cook anything that ventured too close. However, life on Earth has shown to be very persistence even in extreme conditions. Many species of fish in Antarctica have developed antifreeze proteins that prevent ice crystals from forming in their blood. Hydrothermal vents on Earth are not only habitable but are teeming with life forms that found ways to adapt to the boiling toxic water as shown in Figure 2. These life forms are not...

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