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From the Roman gladiators to today's revolutionized warfare, war had been a focal point of our society since the beginning of time. Some may argue that war is an essential component to maintain our lavish lifestyles and establish homeland security; however, “War integrates deprivation of basic existential needs and of all human rights and values, it eliminates emotional comfort, it causes irreversible material and kin losses, physical exhaustion, psychological breakdowns, and makes futile all everyday routines” (Flogel and Lane.) Being passed up by society, pushed aside by the government, and misunderstood by love ones cause soldiers to crumble and self-destruct in our steadily evolving ...view middle of the document...

The disease has several different strains; therefore, medical scientists are having a harder time combatting the steadily evolving disease. Also, the disease can occur and develop in stages; therefore, it may occur during service or several years afterwards. The toxic chemicals found in Agent Orange have been linked to the growth of malignant neoplastic disease in veterans and Vietnam citizens affected by the chemical. The Vietnam Red Cross reported as many as 3 million Vietnamese people have been affected by Agent Orange, including at least 150,000 children born with birth defects (Agent Orange.)
In addition to diseases soldiers may also developed dependence for drugs. Veterans are prone to all the addiction problems prevalent in our society; however, without out proper rehabilitation veterans are easily victims of substance abuse. During the war, veterans would inject drugs for pain relief which would later produce dependence. As a consequence, when being reprogrammed into life in America, they brought the addiction with them.
The effects of war on physical health are horrific; however, the psychological effects of war are just as tragic. Sound mental health can provide a life of prosperity, while poor mental health can prevent individual from living an enriching life. Mental health is important for enhancing human development; however, combat hinders that developmental process. In fact, war exposes individuals to traumatizing and irreversible scenarios that will affect a person's health drastically. As a result, 31 percent of all veterans received psychological diagnoses and are victims to the negative stigma associate with mental disease. Recent studies suggest that over 1.5 million veterans are living with some form of mental...

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