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Liberalism, as a political ideology is not perfect. However, it does have the most to offer as an ideology. Although alternative ideologies may be clearer or more effective at attaining their end goals, liberalism’s commitment to private property, equality, and the free market set it apart. I will first discuss liberalism’s precursor, traditionalism, and its drawbacks leading to liberalism’s creation and proliferation. Next, I will discuss the ideologies created in response to liberalism’s (perceived) flaws: fascism, communism, and Marxism. Through this I will show that liberalism, regardless of defects, if interpreted correctly is the best political alternative available.
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Because liberalism was invented as backlash to the strict order and hierarchical nature of traditionalism, its de facto interpretation was extreme in the opposite direction. For this reason, liberalism is very expansive and difficult to clearly define. Unfortunately, liberalism’s focus on individuality has been taking to the extreme, leading to an intensive focus on capitalism. Due to this, there has been an extreme concentration of wealth and increasing income inequalities. This has led to the principle of equality between all individuals to be undermined; the effects have started to spill over into political representation.
These class relations led to the creation of Marxism, an ideology which faults the difference in capital between people. Instead, Marxism wanted to redistribute the surplus being concentrated in the hands of a small bourgeoisie class at the expense of a proletariat class of workers. Marxism tries to amend the issue that both traditionalism and liberalism fall to: class societies. Marx believed there would be a revolution once the masses realized their exploitation and this would lead to a socialist state where the government’s role in the economy is expanded—distribution of land, wealth, and population. Lastly, it would evolve to a communist state, with the state fading away because it was no longer necessary and the communal ownership of goods and means of production, dispelling the notion of gaining material wealth.
Marxism’s central issue is that it fails to explain the steps to be taken between the different stages of the state’s evolution. In this way it is equally vague, if not more so, than liberalism. Giving control of the economic sphere to the government does not fix the issue of centralized wealth. Instead, the same monopoly of wealth that traditionalism and liberalism create is produced. Although Marxism has the innovation of having another step beyond the control of a large government, it fails to realize that with that centralized power, the mantras of traditionalism seep in. Once this large government, and its bureaucratic system, is in place, the dismantling of power and evolution to communism that Marx calls for is naïve. For this reason, in its real-world application, Marxism--usually practiced under the name of its goal, communism—tends to lead to a big, powerful state promising pluralism and equity. On the contrary, governments capable of the distribution power required of Marxism are so large and powerful that they become very autocratic. These authoritarian regimes then accumulate wealth for themselves while equally distributing the rest (not much) to the masses. In this way, Marxism and communism lead to loss of private property, rights, and liberties without receiving the benefits of social and economic equality. In other words, the actuality of Marxism and communism lead to a resurgence of traditionalism even though it hoped to progressive socially and monetarily.
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