Leggings: A Trend Stretched Thin Essay

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The popularity of the fashion trend called “leggings” has skyrocketed in the last year. They are everywhere and are especially popular with pre-teens and teenagers. They can come in flashy colors, patterns, and can even be embellished. More often than not, the “stretchy” material is stretched a little too far. Leggings are inappropriate and should not be worn in public, because they arouse teenage boys and distract them in the classroom, waste your money due to the fact that they can cost well over $30, and they are not as flattering as they may seem.
The little amount of material stretched over the girl’s thighs, however small they may be, will arouse teenage boys and make everybody feel uncomfortable in the classroom setting as well as in public areas. I watched how many of the male population’s heads turned to watch a girl with tight leggings walk through my history class. The results were uncanny. More ...view middle of the document...

From experience, I know that leggings can cost well over $30, but they can also cost under $10. Want embellishments on them? Tack on another $20. Like any other cheap article of clothing, leggings fall apart and stretch in only a few weeks. It is possible to buy a $30 pair of jeans and have them last for years; why not leggings? They are made of a thin spandex-cotton material that is made in the cheapest ways to get poor unsuspecting girls to purchase them. When it comes to leggings, the more expensive the pair, the longer they will last, but they definitely won’t last forever.
Thin hips and skinny thighs don’t last forever either. Because of this, trying to fit the average-sized thighs into the thin, tight material will only stop the blood from getting to the toes of girls everywhere. Leggings stretch and the elasticity weaved into them gives way. They don’t shape your body. What leggings do is much more ungodly than that. They enhance your features, whether they are good or bad, and broadcast them for the whole world to see. The material is often stretched too thin around the thighs and butt, making the skin and undergarments beneath visible. This only adds to the fact that leggings shouldn’t be considered appropriate attire to wear out in public. Pictures and posters of celebrities wearing leggings now plaster the walls. They are supposed to be role models and set an example for girls everywhere. Unfortunately, they are only helping the problem. Girls have gotten used to the idea of their butts and thighs hanging out of their leggings and are proud of it. Pride has gotten the best of them and this trend will, unfortunately, be around for a while.
Consider the future when you consider buying these showy, flamboyant pieces of material that are supposed to be considered clothing. Leggings are not for everybody. In fact, they aren’t for anybody in a public setting. I, along with many others, advise against purchasing leggings because they can provoke teenage boys and affect their grades, make your money disappear, and they are not half as flattering as they look on the celebrities that flaunt them. Buckle up! This ridiculous fashion trend is going to be around for a while.

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