Judgments Made According To Race Essay

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In the United States, there are a vast majority of ethnicities and races, which is why we are oftentimes recognized as “the melting pot”. Because of this, it may seem difficult to keep ethnic groups completely separate because there are interactions between different races every single day, even though some might not even be aware of it. Some people, especially ones from older generations, see this as an abomination because they feel that races must be kept pure and also feel that assimilation diminishes the uniqueness of one’s ethnic identity. However, would it not make a person more unique to be part of multiple cultures? According to an article aptly titled “Black? White? Asian? More ...view middle of the document...

An example of unfair treatment can be seen in Dwight Okita’s poem “In Response to Executive Order 9066”. The poem focuses on a fourteen year old girl of Japanese descent who had become completely Americanized and had a white best friend named Denise whom she sat next to in class. One day, Denise was sitting on the other side of the room and said to the girl, “You’re trying to start a war…giving secrets / away to the Enemy. Why can’t you keep your big / mouth shut?” (1001). Even though the young Japanese-American girl was more American than Japanese, her friend was ignorant enough, along with many others in the U.S., to believe that she was fraternizing with “the Enemy”, a.k.a. the Empire of Japan. Oftentimes, when negative events tied to a certain race occur, people tend to judge everyone in that race extremely quickly even if they are not fully attached to that culture.
Another poem in which a particular race gets treated unfairly is “Legal Alien” by Pat Mora. This poem also focuses on someone who is hyphenated, in this case, a Mexican-American. The speaker is discussing how she slides between both cultures and how it is uncomfortable in both instances. He/she claims that he/she is “viewed by Anglos as perhaps exotic, / perhaps inferior, definitely different, / viewed by Mexicans as alien” (1004). There is no winning for the narrator, who feels extremely distanced from both cultures instead of feeling welcomingly bicultural. It is not someone’s choice to have multiple backgrounds, so it is very unwarranted for others on the outside to be so discriminating and judgemental.

Overall, racism is something that is a ridiculous concept that has been around for much too long in America. Past generations were very judgmental and sensitive when it came to someone being...

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