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On January 26, 1907, Edmund John Millington Synge managed to cause riot outbreaks in Dublin, Ireland due to his play The Playboy of the Western World. Synge sought to regenerate Ireland. He believed the natives of Ireland and the Aran Islands possessed a substratum of the ancient pagan beliefs of their ancestors despite the dominate Roman Catholic perspective. He commented, “Soon after I had relinquished the kingdom of God I began to take up a real interest in the kingdom of Ireland. My politics went round…to a temperate Nationalism”. Synge dedicated his writing career to produce creatively realistic Irish literature. He immersed himself in the Irish culture, taking careful notes of the ...view middle of the document...

He joined the Dublin Naturalists’ Field Club and published his first poem. However, Synge found he was not able to conduct his best writing abilities within the Dublin Naturalists’ Field Club. He stated, “my theory of regeneration for Ireland differs from yours…I wish to work on my own for the cause of Ireland, and I shall never be able to do so if I get mixed up with a revolutionary and semi-military movement”. In 1895, He moved to Paris to study literature and languages at the Sorbonne. John Synge was discovered by William Butler Yeats a year later. Yeats saw Synge as a talented individual whom was wasting away busying himself with various kinds of literary hackwork. Therefore, Yeats persuaded Synge to live in the Aran Islands before moving back to Dublin to devote his life to write creative work. Synge joined Yeats, Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory and George William Russell to form the Irish National Theatre Society and, soon after, the Abbey Theatre.
Synge’s career launched dramatically between 1903 and 1909. He published five plays during his lifetime such as In the Shadow of the Glen (1903), Riders to the Sea (1904), The Well of the Saints (1905), as well as The Tinker’s Wedding (1908). The playwright died in the year 1909 at the early age of 37 due to Hodgkin’s disease; therefore, he unfortunately was unable to complete his final play Deirdre of the Sorrows. However, Yeats and Synge’s wife Molly Allgood completed his unfinished play and had it presented to the Abbey players in 1910. Synge’s plays stirred controversy within Ireland. They were dubbed as immoral, sacrilegious, crude, and an insult to the good men and women of Ireland whom were portrayed as simpletons. Moreover, Synge’s most famous play The Playboy of the Western World caused a hostile uproar amongst the Irish people when it was produced in...

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