'iron Man 3' And 'the Knight Rises'

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‘Mum, I want to watch Superman movie!’ ‘Okay, John, but you must finish your homework first,’ mum says. When we were small, we loved to watch superheroes movie and most of us used to imagine ourselves as our favorite superheroes. When we grow up, superhero movies become part of our lives. We all love superheroes because they made us feel save and secure. Some of us even worship them as God and we try to imitate them. For me, superhero movies are the best and I love to watch them very much. My favorite superhero movies are ‘Iron Man 3’ and ‘ The Dark Knight Rises’. Although both of them are superhero movies, there are few similarities and differences between them, which are the costumes, ...view middle of the document...

For the movie ‘Iron Man 3’, Stark makes a lot of Iron Man suit. All of his main weapons and super power are designed on the suit. The suit is only made for Stark, which means that only Stark can fit to the suit. Different kinds of suit are hidden with different power and functions. For example, the main Iron Man suit with the red and yellow color is used to fire armor and act as an assault suit. That is why Stark can fly to wherever he wants with his suit. At the same time, Stark has created an intelligence technology called JARVIS. This technology acts as a helper and it helps to control all the computer and controllig of the Iron Man suit. So, Stark can know all the information from the whole wide world and he can investigate anything he wants to know easily. For Tony Stark himself, he does not own any natural power with him. Without his Iron Man suit, he has nothing but an ordinary man. For the movie ‘ The Dark Knight Rises’, Batman has his own territory, which is the ‘Bat Cave’. He hides all his advance technology in the cave and nobody knows about that except his servant Alfred. Batman has several transportations, which are invented by him like the Batman car, Batplane and Batmortocycle. All these transportations are equipped with highly attack weapons and self defense program. Batman uses a remote to control them. That is why it is hard for someone to steal or get near to them. Few inventions like batman dart and sleep gun are brought along with batman in order to fight against the villains. Also, Batman has advance computer gadgets that allow him to get all the information he wants from everywhere.
There are some similarities between these 2 superhero movies. Both of them share the similar moral values. For the movie ‘Iron Man 3’, the lead role, Tony Stark is an ego boast man and he does not care for others. He always looks...

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