Into The Wild: Comparison Of Different Characters

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“Into the Wild” is a famous novel based on a true story written by Jon Krakauer. He actually wrote an article about a young Emory graduate Chris McCandless death. Later, he deeply investigates those facts which exactly led McCandless to a mysterious and miserable end. Story covers all the important aspects from the poor boy’s life including his family history. Author throughout the story remind the readers that McCandless’s adventure ends tragically. Chris McCandless was a very gifted athlete and scholar who belong to a rich family. He was an intelligent, idealistic young man who believes that to live alone in wilderness is the best option to live. He spends two years in disguise before going to Alaska where he died because of starvation.
To prove McCandless an impulsive and sentimental decision-maker, Jon in the story compared his life with the example of some other people who experienced the similar adventures and circumstances. Even Jon resembles his own life in certain ways parallel to McCandless. He too in his teen age was obsessed to mountain climbing, and also had bad relations with his father. To reflect McCandless emotions for his family Jon selected the following words
“Seven weeks after the body of his son turned up in Alaska wrapped in a blue sleeping bag that Billie had sewn for Chris from a kit, Walt studies a sailboat scudding beneath the window of his waterfront townhouse. ‘How is it,’ he wonders aloud as he gazes blankly across Chesapeake Bay, ‘that a kid with so much compassion could cause his parents so much pain?” (Quotes and Analysis, 2001)
Among the other persons with whom McCandless was compared, Everett Ruess got much space. Jon Krauker throughout the story makes his own beliefs clear that the only person who shares the spirit and enthusiasm of McCandless is Everett Ruess. He was a young adventurer whose personality was similar to...

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1220 words - 5 pages than those quaint similarities, Chris was generally much different from his father. He rejected capitalism, money, affluence, and monetary power. Chris used Jack London as a mentor, for "Jack London is King" was even found carved into a block of wood where Chris' body was found. Jack London wrote many stories about men's experience and survival against the environment. Chris' main point of going into the wild was to prove that he could live off the

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1370 words - 5 pages feels guilty about having survived when Chris died. Either way, I think both men were success full even though they both had very different goals and outcomes. Works Cited Outdoorclub. 01 Mar. 2005 . Wayne, Bennett. Men of the Wild Frontier. Champaign: Garrard Publishing Company, 1968. Weinberg, Albert. manifest Destiny. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1935.

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1030 words - 4 pages himself into desolate environments with out any form of human contact, or walking into the wilderness with little food, and hardly and equipment, knowing that he may never make the walk back out. He does this on several conditions and his bravest walk into the wild remains certainly, his last. In the brighter spectrum of Mr. Chris McCandless, is his deep and intellectual personality, shining through on most every occasion with cynical value or

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