Insensitive Listening Exemplified In An Episode Of Two And A Half Men

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During the last segment of Two and a Half Men’s, “Love isn’t Blind, Love’s Retarded” episode there are clear examples of pre-occupational thought, ambushing, and insensitive listening. The person who demonstrates pre-occupational thought is also the airhead of the bunch who has a difficult time listening to anything anybody tells her. For this reason, she’s also the person who used the ambushing technique against Allan when he was trying to have a conversation with her. Unfortunately, for Charlie he was a prime target for insensitive listening even though his girlfriend wasn’t even trying to be so cold to his feelings.
Charlie has been seeing Kandi off and on throughout the entire season until meeting another woman by the name of Mia whom he actually falls in love with instead of just using for his sexual desires. Not realizing that she has been replaced Kandi comes over to visit Charlie. With Mia being in the house Charlie convinces his brother, Allan to distract Kandi which he does in order to help the situation. Allen winds up falling for Kandi which permits Charlie to continue his relationship with Mia. After two months of dating Charlie and Mia are finally ready for consummation their mature relationship. Just as everything seems to be going right, everything ends up go wrong whenever Charlie comes close to the coveted carnal deed.
Allan and Kandi are sitting on the couch inside Charlie’s living room having an adult conversation after Allan’s son, Jake, goes to sleep. Even though it would appear that Kandi is intently listening to what Allan has to say it soon becomes clear that all that’s on her mind is having sex. For instance, after Allan gives up attempting to get through her uneducated brain he says, “I’ll tell you what, let’s just go have sex” only for her time respond, “FINALLY!” This is a prime example of pre-occupational thought because even though she was attempting to listen her mind was on a completely different topic altogether. With Kandi’s only concern being when she was going to be able to have intercourse with Allan again it made her ability to stay tuned into their conversation extremely difficult.
Before we move onto Charlie’s relationship with Mia and their listening breakdown lets focus on how Kandi manages to ambush Allan which...

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