I.T. And Healthcare Essay

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Most people live in rural areas, while the medical community exists in cities. Medical facilitates are increasing the use of information technology database as a collaborative effort within the healthcare communities, on the condition that remote communities have access to the largest healthcare database and treatment information for public health solutions. Technology has shown that communication strategies are changing the way people understand and translate messages. There are no indications that imply technology reduces labor costs, in the healthcare industries. The fundamental economic theories are best used when collaborating with new technologies.
As administrators the new electronic age, has brought new invention that are innovative and gives promise to a new generation. This reflects the achievement of information technology in the new generation. Technology has shown that communication strategies are changing the way people understand and translating messages. The growth of the World Wide Web has launched electronic communication assistants, and the interest in wireless communication makes interaction between physicians and patients possible (Jadad, 2009). At the same time, they are revealing the weaknesses of our conservative approaches to clinical care, education, and assessment of contemporary interventions.
Hospital facilities must be ready to support the community. The reality is that communities need to update their healthcare systems, in order to have a continued flow of information available for patient care. Excellent communication is necessary for transparency in an emergency, because it sets the pace for a fast and accurate decision, thus making the process more manageable for hospital database systems. This raises the community’s trust, and keeps the flow of data reliable and truthful; and may even avoid a disaster. Another way to use technology is through electronic communication devices that allow organizations to update their system easier and...

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